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Welcome the OC Online Gun Certificate; the first Orange County Sheriff authorized CCW Online Course. We will be helping you make your CCW process as easy ,simple, and quickly as possible to satisfy your 16 hour course requirement.

To qualify for your CCW Certificate, you will need to understand the California Penal Code sections relating to firearms and dealing with the permissible use of a firearm, where firearm possession is prohibited, and the civil and penal liability laws regarding firearms for the State of California.

You must be able to demonstrate handgun safety, handling, and storage.  You’ll be take an online multiple choice exam. Finally, You will take a live fire exam with the same weapon(s) that will be listed on your license. The live fire exam will be at targets placed at 3, 5, and 7 yards from the student, 24 rounds per distance. (Totaling 72 rounds) for the initial firearm.  All subsequent firearms will be a 20 round qualification, 10 rounds at 5 yards, 10 rounds at 7 yards, with 70% hit at each distance. The exam will be at OC Indoor Gun Range in Brea.

To begin, please follow these steps:

  1. Register at the bottom of this page. We will email you a link to our Portal, where you’ll be emailed a user name and temporary password. Once you opened the email, and deleted the temporary password, you can enter your new password. After you have changed your password, go back to OCONLINEGUNCERT.COM website and “Log In”. After you have signed in with your user name and personal password, you’ll be directed to the Student page. You can click on the reading tab and begin your CCW study manual.
  2. Once you have completed reading your study manual and are prepared to take the exam, click on the “I AM READY TO TAKE THE EXAM”. The exam will become available. Make sure you enter your name and begin your exam. After you have completed your exam, “Log Out” and we will email you your results within 12 hours. You must pass with a 70%. You’ll be given two free exams.
  3. You must be able to dissemble/assemble your firearm within five minutes and point out five main parts of your gun.  In order to demonstration your gun handling skills, please take a full body video demonstrating your ability to dissemble/assemble your firearm. In the ASSEMBLE VIDEO tab, you can paste your video link for us to view. You can also email us your video to There’s an example video in the Additional Info tab. Lastly, you can demonstrate in person if you choose.
  4. To set up your live fire exam, email us with the date and a time you would prefer. The proctor will contact you to schedule the time and location. You must show up 10 minutes before your exam time to register and pay your range fees. It will also be a good idea to be familiarize with the firing range. Lastly,  targets will be provided.

Once all four steps have been competed, we will mail you the original “Course Completion Certificate”.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the application or registration process. We can be reached at

Returning customers will receive a  discount on their Renewal or Amendment Fees.

The total cost to complete this course is $175.00
(Includes up to 5 registered guns)

We accept Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Money Order.